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Upcoming Dates

June 3-8
Sedona Mago Center (Sedona, AZ)

July 11-16
Honor's Haven (Ellenville, NY)

August 1-5

September 24-29
Sedona Mago Center (Sedona, AZ)

December 1-6
Sedona Mago Center (Sedona, AZ)


Manager of Your Life

Through Brain Management Training, you will realize that your Brain already has the power to create a life that is good for you and everyone on Earth. Managing your brain doesn’t just mean learning more information. Brain Management is about planting the seeds of a healthy and happy life in your brain and growing them through daily action and self-care. Better health, more energy, deeper insights, and greater self-discipline are just a few of the fruits you can harvest from this intensive workshop.

What You'll Learn

  1. How to manage your brain and your life
  2. Techniques to manage your breathing and your emotions
  3. How to observe your mind and harness its power
  4. How to set a clear goal for completion in life
  5. How to live according to BMT principles in your daily life

How You'll Benefit

  • Being able to better manage your Self
  • Improving the strength of your the lower abdominal energy center
  • Enhancing your powers of discipline and self-management
  • Gaining insight and wisdom with enhanced focus and mental clarity
  • Increasing your capacity to handle stress and other challenges in life
  • Growing your capability to guide others in breathing, meditation and movement practices
  • Inspiring yourself to live with the integrity in your thoughts, emotions, and actions

What People Say About the Training

Alan G.

“I became more in touch with my Dahn-jon. I learned how 'Where the mind goes, Energy follows' works. I understood how important it is to be positive, patient, active, and sincere, and to trust myself. I appreciate the environment here for daily training (Su-Haeng). I felt oneness with fellow participants, and I felt helped and supported by them in my personal struggles. I gained an appreciation of the principles of Hong-Ik (benefiting others), Su-Haeng, and I especially love the instructors here. I want to be just like them!”

Laura P.

“At BMT, I felt a real connectivity to my soul, heaven, earth, and humanity. I felt energy in my body stronger than ever before. I felt lighter and physically stronger. There was such peace and harmony in each training. The training information helped clarify my purpose and my path. I have been able to see changes in how I saw myself before and after BMT. I see myself as more courageous and confident. Old fears about not being good enough are gone, and it is liberating. I have a sense for the power I possess and how to use it in the right way for a Hong-Ik life to help others. I have also recognized the importance of more daily training (Su-Haeng) and continuing to move forward by choosing.”

Larry L.

“I felt very fortunate to be able to share six days of learning with so many amazing people. They are all very special and spiritually strong, even if they are only starting to realize it. I experienced many highs and lows, but overall I gained tremendous insights into my true nature. The lessons presented were so clear and understandable. My change is that I need to speed up my commitment to the goals and with my life as Su-Haeng and Hong-Ik. Also, I wish to reach out to others in my community to bring the message to them.”

Monique B.

“I experienced communication with my soul and guidance from my soul in the meditations. I gained more understanding of my energy body, and how to feel it and grow it. I experienced the embrace from nature; I felt it through and within me. I experienced joy, love, peace, and enlightenment. I came to understand devotion. I learned how to generate my creativity and create a vision. Day by day, I go forward. I have learned how to center my energy into my Dahnjon and how to keep focus in my Dahnjon. I see the stepping stones of where I am now, and the next step, then next steps. I have opened my heart more deeply to Hong-Ik. I know now where I am going. I can do many things for Hong-Ik without feeling overwhelmed. Day by day, little by little is how everything grows. I can now breathe into my vision.”

Meet the Trainers

chungsuk dsn

Senior Master ChungSuk

ChungSuk has been a healer and educator with Body & Brain for more than 30 years. His kindness, dedication, and passion for helping people heal themselves is deeply felt by everyone who meets him. He is a master level Qigong and meditation teacher, and instructor for programs such as Postural Correction, DahnMuDo, Dahn Gong (Korean Energy Martial Arts) and many more. With his specialized instruction in self-healing of the human body and mind, he has improved the lives of countless people from all walks of life.

jungshim dsn

Master JungShim

Jungshim has been a Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi instructor and trainer for 25 years and is currently the main trainer for the Energy Healing Course, Brain Management Training, Power Brain Method, Dahn Master Course, Solar Body System, Meditation Tours and Retreats, and Corporate Programs.

Brain Management Training

Is This Program For You?

Brain Management Training can help if you answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions:
   Do you want to use your brain more effectively?
   Do you want to stop being pulled by circumstances and emotions?
   Do you want to find the power to change unhealthy habits?
   Do you believe in your highest potential, but need support to manage your brain and energy more effectively?
   Do you feel like your brain is cluttered with memories from the past?
   Do you want more clarity and direction in your life?
   Have you ever wished you could upgrade the way your brain works?

Brain Management Training is designed for those who want to manage their mind, thoughts, emotions, and memories as both a manager and a master of their life.

Are you ready to manage your Brain?

Contact your local Body & Brain Center to Register.