Dahn Master Course (DMC)

Become the Master of Your Life

OCTOBER 24-30, 2022
Sedona Mago Center in Sedona, AZ

Is This Program For You?

Yes, if you have asked yourself the following questions:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What is the path that will take me towards that goal?
  • How can I live more meaningfully and complete the mission of my soul?
  • What is my full potential in this life, and how can I contribute to the common good?
  • How can I activate100% of my energy for my life purpose?

How You'll Benefit

As a Dahn Master, you won’t react to life-you’ll design and create your life. With a foundation of Principles and a deeper understanding of self, you will have the power and experience to cultivate a life of health, happiness, and peace. You will find your infinite value and feel a deeper connection to others and the Earth.

Program Outline

  1. My True Value: Who am I? Where am I now? What do I really want?
  2. How to walk the path of spiritual completion, ChunHwa
  3. The three companions on your journey: a goal, a map, and a guide
  4. The fun of working for a shared dream
  5. How to grow your spiritual power by helping others

What do people say about this workshop?

“The Dahn Master Course has been a wonderful journey of re-discovery. I feel so grateful for being here. As I went through my journey, I experienced a lot of mirrors of myself through other participants. I am able to see and observe myself more clearly - my strengths, my struggles, my love, and the true nature of my being. I have seen big changes in myself and can see how every step has guided me to where I am today.  I feel the need to share this with others and to continue spreading Hong-Ik with everyone around me, myself, my family, and my community.  To me, this is my commitment to keep moving forward along this path toward oneness.”
— Beatriz Maldonado

“My awakenings: I gained the courage to keep growing and taking small steps toward my goals and vision. I learned the true meaning of Hong-Ik⎯experiencing for myself what “one mind” truly feels like and how it can be a tool for my vision and completion. Since coming to Dahn Master Course, I have changed the perception of myself. I became able to see from my soul, and also to observe the ego. Prior to the Dahn Master Course, I had a  difficult time distinguishing the voice of my soul and the voice of my ego. Although I could quiet my ego’s voice, it would sometimes trick my mind, as if it was what my soul wanted.  Through the Dahn Master Course, I became able to fully connect my energy line and trust my soul, and I can now differentiate those voices. It’s still not easy, but being grounded,  connecting to my Dahnjon, and breathing meditation has helped me focus on my soul.”
— Jay Yamagata

“Before, I only focused on myself, my broken heart, and my sad memories. I thought if I  could only heal and recover myself from all the traumatic experiences to live a normal, decent life, it would be good enough. There were fears that I might never get over my wounds. Through the Dahn Master Course, I realized how much these fears have controlled my life and made me forget that I do have a choice. I have never imagined myself as a teacher who’s going to stand and speak in front of people, instructing others. Now, I can focus on the Hong-Ik mission and vision and become a bigger person. I still can do only small things, but I do it with great love, a sincere mind, and a bigger purpose.
Now I understand that there is no life that can be considered “good” or “decent” if it’s just focusing on itself and not others and on the wholeness. By recognizing and accepting my fears and where I got them from, I have made progress in getting over my fears to make the choices that my true heart and soul really want. I can do it now!”
— Diep Mai


The Dahn Master Course is designed for those who want to develop their inner sense and create a more fulfilling life with the principles and practices of Body & Brain.

Dahn Master Course (DMC)

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