Energy Healing Course

Awaken the Healing Power Within

OCT 31-NOV 6, 2022
Sedona Mago Center in Sedona, AZ

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Body’s Natural Healing Power?

If you’re interested in improving your health, happiness, and peace with energy self-healing techniques, the Body & Brain Energy Healing Course will teach you everything you need to know to get started!

The Energy Healing Course enables you to be the guide and caretaker of your own health by helping you understand and experience how to balance your energy system for natural self-healing.

What to Expect:

  • Experience the power of LifeParticle Energy to create your own health and happiness.
  • Learn a comprehensive set of self-healing methods to help develop your awareness, sensitivity, power, and purity of energy.

What You'll Learn

  1. The Nature of Life Particles
  2. The Principles of the Energy System
  3. The Mindset and Attitude of a Self-Healer
  4. How to Develop your Sense and Strength of Energy
  5. Method 1: Basic Techniques for utilizing Life Particle Self-Healing and Healing Tools
  6. Method 2: Intermediate Techniques for utilizing Life Particle Self-Healing utilizing your Hands

(Please note, this course does not qualify you to open your own energy healing business nor grant any certification. For that, you should inquire about a Body & Brain Center franchise.)

Life Particle Self-Healing Method 1:

Managing your health doesn’t always require complicated technologies and treatments. Life Particle Self-Healing Method 1 will increase your conviction in the power of simple self-healing techniques, opening up a world of possibilities for your self-care.

Some of the tools and techniques used for Method 1 include:

  • Life-Particle Card Healing
  • Healing Life Wand Healing
  • Wooden Pillow Healing
  • Bird of the Soul Oil Healing

Life Particle Self-Healing Method 2:

With the Body & Brain Energy Healing Course, you won’t just receive healing energy, you’ll learn to amplify your own healing energy for the best possible self-care. Increase your energy strength and sensitivity through our signature energy self-healing techniques:

  • Qigong Healing
  • Chakra Energy Healing
  • Organ Energy Healing
  • Brain Energy Healing

How Will You Benefit?

The Energy Healing Course will empower you to be the master of your health and happiness. You’ll deepen your healing ability and awareness as you continue your journey towards completion.

Body & Brain Energy Healing is unique in that it emphasizes self-healing. Once you know the principles and techniques of energy self-healing, you can use it for your daily self-management.

“Energy Self-Healing really helped me to go deeper in my other healing practices and to really feel the energy. I can focus better and I credit these changes to the Self Healing practice I have been doing.” Anne C
“Energy Self-Healing [helped me] improve my shoulder mobility and overall strength in a short time. Also, I can feel energy much more than previously. I definitely want to keep practicing.” Mary H
“This practice is so amazing. I felt energy moving through my entire body and deep peace. My mind was so clear and calm.” Renata P

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Body’s Natural Healing Power?

The Body & Brain Energy Healing Course is a 7-day program (6-day online program). Please contact your nearest Body & Brain Center for more information and to enroll.