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love heals retreat (title)
Sedona Mago Center (Sedona, AZ)

2024 Dates

July 24-28

September 27 - October 1

November 16-20

Create Your Life with Intention & Confidence

  • Are your current thoughts, emotions, and physical condition functioning in a way that best helps you to create the life you want?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself and your heart? 
  • Do you feel like you’re running on autopilot every day, and life is just throwing things at you without your control?
  • When life gets tough, do you typically see your hardships through the eyes of stress and trauma?
  • Do you have a deep desire to build your inner power and become the true master of your life, so that you’re not so easily affected by your environment and circumstances? 

Are you ready to come home to your heart?

You have the power to tap into your deep awareness and intentionally choose to release emotional thought patterns and habits that do not serve your highest good. You absolutely have the power to make new choices and create a new lifestyle for yourself.
It starts with an understanding of how energy works inside and outside of you, and learning to create the energetic balance and harmony that will cultivate health, happiness, and peace in your life. 

Based on a 10,000-Year-Old Energy Philosophy

The LOVE HEALS Retreat is a 5-day onsite workshop in Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, surrounded by the natural beauty of Sedona. Nestled amongst the powerful natural vortexes of Sedona’s famed land, you will deeply connect your energy to nature’s energy and use it to mindfully reflect, heal, nurture, reconcile, recharge, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and love yourself.  

The essence of this workshop revolves around the 10,000-year-old ancient East Asian energy philosophy of “Water Up Fire Down,” which holds the key to unlocking the limitless potential of your body’s power centers that help activate natural energy healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Experience the Power of Self Love

As you learn to tap into your inner power and create the positive energy flows in your body, you will naturally start to gain confidence and trust in yourself. With this deep confidence and trust, you’ll experience expressing yourself authentically as well as genuine love for yourself and others. 


As seen in the documentary LOVE HEALS

The LOVE HEALS retreat is based on the group transformational experience featured in the documentary, LOVE HEALS.

LOVE HEALS follows the journey of Dana, a chronic pain sufferer in search of healing. Her partner, Krisanna, is a filmmaker, and together they travel the country to understand how this ancient principle has helped so many heal and to see what's possible for those experiencing these practices for the first time. The film will be aired on PBS starting in the fall of 2023. 


What You’ll Get

  • Learn to manage daily stress that affects you
  • Experience ancient energy philosophies in your body, mind and spirit  and how to apply them into your life
  • Connect to your true essence and hear the voice of your soul that will guide you to your highest good
  • Balance your emotions to improve your relationship with yourself and with others
  • Create energy circulation in your body for health, happiness, and peace
  • Recover overall health to feel confident in yourself
  • Achieve absolute peace, tranquility and positivity
  • Increase your awareness and raise your consciousness


What People Say About the Retreat

Katriana D.

The most incredible experience

"This retreat was the most incredible experience I have ever been a part of [and] brought me home to myself, to my authenticity, to my truth... it gave me the space and guidance to delve deeper and hone my inherent strength and wisdom."

Genevie S.

A life-changing experience

"This retreat was eye-opening to the amazing possibilities of self-awareness, healing, forgiveness, courage, and internal peace. I learned about mediation, mindfulness, and replenishing energy on a level I never experienced. It was a life-changing experience that unlocked my feelings of wholeness, coherency and being fearless."

Leah S.

We all transformed together from day one

"Being a part of this retreat was absolutely life-changing. You dig deep into who you truly are, to discover your true essence, and it's a beautiful journey. If anyone is looking for a life-transforming opportunity and they're ready to do the work that it takes, I recommend this retreat 100%."

Chad C.

Beyond professional and energizing

"They were able to teach me on a level I had not been able to learn on my own. For anyone looking to heal either the mind, body or both, this is a retreat that can teach you the principles and practices to achieve pure health."

Thomas M.

Everyone should do this retreat

"The skills and training at the retreat have become a daily practice and I am still uncovering new benefits. I engage my work more energetically and process out negative energy on a daily basis so it doesn't build up in my body. Everyone should do this retreat at least once in their life. The sooner, the better!"

Wendy M.

Exceeded anything I thought I could experience

"We were guided so beautifully through some of our hardest traumas, heartbreaks, and deep pain. This isn't just a one-time retreat. This is a powerful philosophy, practice, and way of life that should be used every single day. I cannot rate this experience highly enough."

Activities You'll Experience

  • Earthing Reflexology Walk & Nature Meditation in Healing Garden
  • Sunlight Meditation at Mission Place
  • “120 Steps for the Completion of the Soul” Life Reflection & Creation Meditation
  • QiGong at Senya Vista
  • Waterfall Meditation at Senya Falls
  • Sound Healing / Floating Meditation
  • Daily Journaling
  • Visit to Sedona Mago Castle

Retreat Schedule

Welcome Orientation

During the welcoming orientation, we will share the important mindset to keep while you are staying and taking the program, introduce the program overview and schedule, and do a reflection meditation.

Build Awareness

Day 2 begins with morning outdoor mindfulness exercises and mediation. Slow down your mind from your busy daily life by barefoot walking slowly on the soft sand around our healing lake. You will ground your energy and your mind will be in a meditative state. 

This day is mainly dedicated for you to learn to be in the “present moment” by recovering your physical body senses and energy, as well as learning how to develop your awareness to get in touch with yourself.  You will gain very simple, practical energy practices and techniques for your healing, which you can utilize in your life for a lifetime.

Every night, you will finish your day with a set of self-healing practices to take care of your body, mind, and spirit before you go to bed.

Heal Emotions

Day 3 begins with morning outdoor mindfulness exercises and meditation. You will reflect on your entire life by meditating in nature. Our beautiful natural setting, which includes all 5 elements, will help you to bring out love, sincerity, patience for yourself and to remember your life story without resistance. 

On this day, you will look at your life and contemplate what emotions, thoughts, and habits you hold. Heal your body and mind, open your heart, and let go of your emotional baggage by chakra healing meditation and other meditation techniques. Your relationship with yourself and others will improve as you gain self-love, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness. 

Same as the night before, you will finish your day with a set of self-healing practices to get ready for deep rest.

Come Home to Yourself

Day 4 begins with morning outdoor mindfulness exercises and meditation. You will contemplate your life purpose at the sacred Mago Labyrinth. 

On this day, you will have a great opportunity to visit the highest location in Sedona, called Mago Castle.  This whole area surrounding the mountain on which it is located is filled with a special healing energy emanating from the various Sedona’s red rocks, such as Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  You will receive inspiration for your life here. 

Through meditation and training on this day, you will finally recover the balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. You will feel a sense of purpose, self-value, total health, and overflowing joy from within.

Choosing the New You

The final morning’s special outdoor activities and meditations will allow you to feel “nothingness” as you let go of who you are not, and experience complete quietness, tranquility, and deep peace.

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Recommended Healing Tool

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About the Retreat Center

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat is located in Northern Arizona, situated on 173-acres of open land in the Coconino National Forest, cradled amongst Sedona’s renowned vortexes and healing red clay rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago has been a destination for healing and transformation.

About the Retreat Location

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat is located in the Coconino National Forest in Northern Arizona on 173-acres of open land. The retreat property is cradled by Sedona's renowned vortexes and healing red clay rocks. For over 40 years, Sedona Mago Center has been a destination for healing and transformation for peace and spiritual seekers.

Meet the Trainers

ilchibuko photo

Ilchibuko Todd
CEO of Body & Brain

Ilchibuko Todd brings over 20 years of experience mastering Qi energy through SunTao Living practice and Body & Brain. She offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves and awaken their fullest potential. Ilchibuko is an international speaker and trainer who envisions individual awakening and healing to be the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow. She is the trainer who led the group in the documentary LOVE HEALS through their transformational experience.

jeon junghee [sunsanim]

Jeong Hee Jong

Jeong was previously the CEO of Body & Brain Europe. She has also been teaching for 26 years and has been a main trainer for Brain Management Training and Dahn Master Course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are two ways to get into Sedona Mago Center. You can either drive into the property on your own or book a shuttle through a 3rd party that will drive you all the way to the Welcome Center. For driving directions, please visit this page. For shuttles, please visit here. Keep in mind that driving into Sedona Mago Center requires driving through 11 miles of unpaved road that is usually smooth and manageable, but can get muddy and/or rocky during monsoon season (July-Oct). If you choose to drive into Sedona Mago, we recommend driving an SUV.

No, meals & accommodations are not included in the program price. Please book your accommodations with Sedona Mago Center directly by calling (928) 204-3391, or request a booking link from the program coordinator. The cost for accommodations will include 3x freshly prepared, buffet-style pescatarian meals every day during your stay. If you have special dietary requirements, please inform Sedona Mago Center when you book your accommodations.

We are each on our own personal journey. On the last day of the program, our staff and trainers will make recommendations for you based on helping you achieve your goals. If you would like specialized guidance, you may request it from our staff and trainers.

We truly understand that choosing to attend a retreat and traveling somewhere new can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you feel as safe as possible. If you feel connected with the information you've read so far, chances are that you will love this retreat experience. If you're interested but still not sure and would like to ask a few questions, feel free to send us an email at If it’s something we can answer directly through email, we’ll reply back within a few business days. If it’s something more personal, we can even set up a phone call or Zoom with you to talk through your questions. Just let us know what you need, and we'll start from there!


Summary of Benefits

   Learn to manage daily stress that affects you
   Experience ancient energy philosophies in your body, mind and spirit and how to apply them into your life
   Connect to your true essence and hear the voice of your soul that will guide you to your highest good
   Balance your emotions to improve your relationship with yourself and with others
   Create energy circulation in your body for health, happiness, and peace
   Recover overall health to feel confident in yourself
   Achieve absolute peace, tranquility and positivity
   Increase your awareness and raise your consciousness
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Accommodations not included. See below for accommodation options.

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