2023 New Zealand Meditation Tour

Come Closer to Nature & Find Yourself

January 17-23, 2023 (Local Time)

November 4 - 7, 2021
Sedona Mago Center, AZ

This year, connect with Nature in one of the most pristine places on Earth, New Zealand. Experience meditation under the clear sky, listen to the sound of pure waterfalls, walk on unspoiled land, breathe deeply in ancient forests, and find inner peace as never before.

What is a meditation tour?

What makes a meditation tour unique is the purpose of travel. Most people travel to sightsee, take photos, make memories, and eat delicious food. While you will do all that in a meditation tour, the difference is an added element of purifying the mind, body, and spirit in nature and practicing deep self-care in a new setting to refresh your brain.

Often when that component of reflection and self-care is missing in travel, you might come back home and experience travel fatigue. We all need to refresh and recharge from time to time, and sometimes that’s easier when you’re in a new environment. Take a deep breath, feel yourself one with Nature, and be inspired to a life of greater purpose.

This meditation tour will help you return home refreshed and newly inspired as you experience Nature purifying your mind, body, and spirit.

Places you'll visit in New Zealand

Waitangi & Haruru: Experience the sacred places of the Maori, trekking in Waitangi and Haruru in New Zealand’s Northland Region, and kayaking at Haruru Falls.

Earth Farm: Meet some of the charming animals that live at Earth Farm, open to visitors in 2023 for the first time, and learn how all life can coexist in harmony with the land.

Earth Village: Visit Chunhwa Park, site of the future Earth Citizen Movement Headquarters, and choose a life as an Earth Citizen. Experience the Way of New Life stairs, and reflect on your past, present and future. Refresh your body and spirit at the Earth Village Sauna, Sauna Rock, creek pool and Earth Rock. Experience planting Hwangchil, known from ancient tradition as a source of healing and wellness.

Kerikeri Earth Citizen Wellness Centre: Meet the head master and staff of this center of community HongIk, and learn how caring outreach can create harmony and growth at the local level.

Imagine the dream of 100 million Earth Citizens, and establish a vision deep in your heart about your life’s purpose.

What You’ll Experience: 

  • Connect with your true value during daily guided meditations while in beautiful New Zealand
  • Feel the deeper meaning of living as one with Nature
  • Expand your Earth Citizen spirit to feel a sense of community beyond borders and nationality
  • Receive the wisdom of Ilchi Lee, founder of the global Earth Citizen Movement
  • Be refreshed and inspired to live with genuine purpose.

New Zealand Meditation Tour 

January 17-23, 2023 (Local Time)

Price: $4,400

Includes all meals, lodging and travel within New Zealand. Check with your center manager for more details about your flight schedule before buying your ticket.

Contact your local
Body & Brain center to sign up.