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New Zealand

2024 Dates

February 7-13

What is a Meditation Tour?

What makes a meditation tour unique is the purpose of travel. Most people travel to sightsee, take photos, make memories, and eat delicious food. While you will do all that in a meditation tour, the difference is an added element of purifying the mind, body, and spirit in nature and practicing deep self-care in a new setting to refresh your brain.

Often when that component of reflection and self-care is missing in travel, you might come back home and experience travel fatigue. We all need to refresh and recharge from time to time, and sometimes that’s easier when you’re in a new environment. Take a deep breath, feel yourself one with Nature, and be inspired to a life of greater purpose.

This meditation tour will help you return home refreshed and newly inspired as you experience Nature purifying your mind, body, and spirit.

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Places You'll Visit

Experience the sacred places of the Maori, trekking in Waitangi and Haruru in New Zealand’s Northland Region, and kayaking at Haruru Falls.

Visit Chunhwa Park, site of the future Earth Citizen Movement Headquarters, and choose a life as an Earth Citizen. Experience the Way of New Life stairs, and reflect on your past, present and future. Refresh your body and spirit at the Earth Village Sauna, Sauna Rock, creek pool and Earth Rock. Experience planting Hwangchil, known from ancient tradition as a source of healing and wellness.

Meet some of the charming animals that live at Earth Farm, open to visitors in 2023 for the first time, and learn how all life can coexist in harmony with the land.

Meet the head master and staff of this center of community HongIk, and learn how caring outreach can create harmony and growth at the local level.

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Kapa Haka - Maori Cultural Performance (Waitangi)

01-18-23 16.08.40_nzmt
Meeting the Maori (Waitangi)
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Meeting Farm Animals (Earth Farm)

01-20-23 14.29.12_nzmt

Hike to Wishing Rock (Earth Village)

01-19-23 17.04.52_nzmt
Outdoor Qigong (Earth Village)
01-21-23 16.44.01_nzmt
Way of New Life stairs (Earth Village)
01-22-23 09.45.57b_nzmt
Kayaking (Haruru Falls)

What You'll Experience

  • Connect with your true value during daily guided meditations while in beautiful New Zealand
  • Feel the deeper meaning of living as one with Nature
  • Expand your Earth Citizen spirit to feel a sense of community beyond borders and nationality
  • Receive the wisdom of Ilchi Lee, founder of the global Earth Citizen Movement
  • Be refreshed and inspired to live with genuine purpose
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Recommended Reading

art of coexistence (book)0

The Art of Coexistence
How You and I Can Save the World

How can we forge a peaceful and sustainable world amidst our divided times? In "The Art of Coexistence," New York Times bestselling author and Body & Brain founder, Ilchi Lee tackles this urgent question. In collaboration with Steve Kim, Lee unveils vital concepts, principles, and practical methods for cultivating coexistence as the answer—a recognition that every individual, fellow humans, and the Earth are interconnected. By exploring necessary societal, educational, and spiritual changes, the authors lay the philosophical groundwork for building a better world, starting today.

Order a copy here.

What People Say About the Tour

Kaylene G.

“I am very grateful my husband and I were able to participate in the first New Zealand Earth Meditation Tour following the Covid pandemic. Even before we arrived in New Zealand I felt supported through the NZ chat room where all questions were answered and valuable information was shared. My physical needs were accommodated as I was still rehabbing after a hip replacement. Everyone was there to support me and help me participate in all the wonderful experiences planned. I truly enjoyed hiking the trails and visiting Earth Village. Kayaking at Haruru falls brought back childhood memories. The 120 steps were by far the most memorable time for me, not because it was so challenging but because of the support and positive energy I experienced from everyone. The incredible feeling of inclusion in this community, which included humans, plants and animals truly defined GongSaeng, coexistence, for me. I will cherish the memories of this experience for the rest of my life.”

Allan J.

“I had a truly amazing time, from the dining, care of the staff, and cultural experiences to Earth Farm, Earth Village, Athena trees, forest walks, Qigong and meditations, wishing rock, kayaking, and much more. I felt strong Earth energy, and a personal connection with Earth and Earth Management vision. I began an awakening of preconceptions I have held that limit my joy, belonging, and vision. These awakenings continue. I am deeply grateful for this experience. Thank you. Much love.”

Eddy B.

“The earth village energy is a must experience along with the waterfall. Connection to energy seems easier after the trip. I have a new tendency to connect with random people's energy in my day-to-day life now, which is new and a bit intimidating. Thanks again for the experience.”


Hear about the tour from Brain Education TV's Linda:

"You've been on tours, but have you been on a MEDITATION TOUR? This is an idea unique to our Body & Brain centers, where you remove yourself from your usual environment to go connect with your inner self in nature. My absolute favorite place on Earth to do that has to be New Zealand because of it's lush greenery, blue skies, warm sunshine, blue waters, clean air... just everything about New Zealand is just SO HEALING and rejuvenating. Check out this video that details my experience there and where we went to in New Zealand that are places relevant to our Brain Education community. "

Meet the Trainer

ilchi ssn

Ilchi Lee Seuseungnim
Founder of Body & Brain

Ilchi Lee is the founder of Body & Brain, a New York Times bestselling author, an innovative leader in brain potential development, and a dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world. He has developed Brain Education, a mind-body training method that helps people create their own health, happiness, and peace and use it for the benefit of all.

ilchibuko photo

Ilchi Human Daesunsanim
CEO of Body & Brain

Ilchi Human Daesunsanim brings over 20 years of experience mastering Qi energy through SunTao Living practice and Body & Brain. She offers expert guidance to reconnect people to the deepest root of themselves and awaken their fullest potential. Ilchi Human Daesunsanim is an international speaker and trainer who envisions individual awakening and healing to be the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow. 

jungshim dsn

JungShim Dahnsanim

JungShim Dahnsanim has been a Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi instructor and trainer for 25 years and is currently the main trainer for the Energy Healing Course, Brain Management Training, Power Brain Method, Dahn Master Course, Solar Body System, Meditation Tours and Retreats, and Corporate Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. The tour price includes rooming with another participant of the same gender, however, if you would prefer single rooming there is limited availability at an extra cost.

The most effective solution is to go through your current cellphone service provider and ask about their 'international plan.' This will allow you to receive calls and texts with your current phone number.

The other option is to purchase a local SIM or eSIM card, however, this option may have data and calling restrictions.

Please ask your local Body & Brain center manager for the tour welcome packet for information on when to schedule your flight arrival & departure.

Current travel requirements can be viewed at: travel.state.gov

For any requirements, the tour coordinator will work to assist you in completing them.

  • Cancellations made within 1 week of the tour start date will result in a cancellation fee of 20% of the total tour price.
  • Cancellations made on the day of the tour start date will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour price.

New Zealand Meditation Tour

Imagine the dream of 100 million Earth Citizens, and establish a vision deep in your heart about your life’s purpose.

This year, connect with Nature in one of the most pristine places on Earth, New Zealand. Experience meditation under the clear sky, listen to the sound of pure waterfalls, walk on unspoiled land, breathe deeply in ancient forests, and find inner peace as never before.

Register Today!

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Includes all meals, lodging, and travel during the tour

Tour Price: $4,600 (until Dec. 31)

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Includes all meals, lodging and travel within New Zealand

Tour Price: $4,400

Check with your center manager for more details about your flight schedule before buying your ticket.

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Ask about a free webinar introduction to learn more about the April New Zealand Meditation Tour. Contact your local Body & Brain Center for Zoom info.  

Taste the healing effects of New Zealand's natural sceneries right from your home!

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