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2023 Dates

July 12 - August 30

Every Wednesday
2:30 pm (ET) / 5:30 pm (PT)


Create Your Brightest Self

Do you want to be the true master and creator of your life? Are you looking for the keys to happiness, satisfaction, emotional control and self empowerment? Then the Self-Mastery Program is for you! 

Through the step-by-step system of the Self-Mastery Program, you will be guided not only through mind-body fundamentals but also self-exploration, self-love and self-healing to become a confident creator of your life's story.

What You'll Learn

  • How to be present in your body
  • How to observe your emotional habits
  • How to internally cultivate patience, forgiveness & self-acceptance
  • How to harness the self-healing energy of love
  • How to grow and create brightness & personal power
For Self-Love, Self-Forgiveness & Self-Empowerment

Pilot Course: Self-Mastery for Adoptees

Are you an adoptee who is looking for solutions to your unique physical, emotional, and mental challenges in life? Do you want to be mentored by a coach who is an adoptee herself, understands those unique challenges, and is able to guide you to overcome feelings of abandonment and help rediscover your self-worth and confidence? If you answered YES to any or all of the above, we invite you to join our special pilot course in the Self-Mastery Program, for adoptees only.

This is an 8-week online pilot course that will use simple but powerful energy principles and practices for a healing journey into the heart.  Turning to self-awareness, we will practice feeling our emotions and discovering tools for how to accept and embrace all of what we have inside.  As we awaken the sense of how to love and forgive ourselves unconditionally, we become empowered to change our unconscious habits with new, healthier choices.

This course is an opportunity for adoptees to consistently practice self-healing in a supportive, adoptee-only environment.


8 weeks (April 12 - May 31, 2023)

Online through Zoom

1 hour 30 minutes per each session


Original Tuition: $700

Special pilot course tuition: $280


Space is limited to 20 attendees

Your Instructor

danielle gaudette

Danielle Gaudette

Danielle Gaudette is an adoptee who struggled from a young age as a highly sensitive person with her relinquishment wound. Through her unique experience as an adopted person, she has been helping people as a Body & Brain Coach for over 20 years with the tools that have helped her recover her own self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Her passion is to share those experiences and methods with other adoptees who may be going through similar struggles. She is also the author of Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story About Hurting, Healing and Letting the Light Shine Through.  

Self-Mastery Program for Adoptees

Are you ready to heal your heart?

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