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Heroes Program

What is the real meaning of a "HERO"?

Does being a hero require superpowers?

To be a hero, do you need extraordinary intelligence, strength, speed, or some other exceptional quality?

Can anybody be a hero if they rise to the occasion?

We think the answer to that is a big YES!  Now, more than ever, our society needs young leaders who combine idealism with inner wisdom and imagination with action power. We think that's a description of a hero.

Humanity needs each of us to awaken our inner HERO so that we can make this world a more peaceful, healthy, and harmonious place.

In order to support this mission, Body & Brain offers a variety of online and in-person programs such as HEROES Dance Nights, HEROES Camps, and HEROES Tours and Retreats.

All of these programs combine mindfulness study, physical movement, and team activities for self-awareness and empowerment.

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You'll also be able to connect with local Heroes in your region if there's an active chapter nearby. And if there isn't, maybe you can start one!

Remember- you are what the world is becoming!

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