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Upcoming Online Dates

March 26

11:00 am – 8:00 pm (ET)
8:00 am – 5:00 pm (PT)

Tap into the Manifestation Power of Your Mind

Pineal Gland Awakening is a 1-day online workshop with 4 follow-up weekly recorded videos for activating your pineal gland—the seat of your intuitive power within the brain. Otherwise known as the “Third Eye,” the pineal gland is an actual gland located inside of your brain that is the house of your intuition, insight, creation, clarity and the power to make your dreams come true.

Bringing the esoteric concept of the pineal gland into practical reality in an easy-to-absorb and concrete way, the goal of the workshop is to equip you with mind-body experiences and wisdoms to hone in your spiritual ability and connect deeply to your internal energy.

This workshop guides you to awaken your pineal gland in carefully curated steps that safely unlock the seat of intuition that you can tap into in your daily life, based on the 5 Steps of Brain Education. The contents of this workshop guide you to build a solid foundation in the core, gradually remove the internal layers that create obstacles, and then work the energy up to finally activate the pineal gland.

More About the Pineal Gland: The pineal gland is a gland positioned in the middle of the brain and is in the shape of a pine cone (hence its name). It’s about the size of a pea and plays many roles in your life from physical to spiritual.

Do you want to open your third eye but don’t know how?
Do you want to step into your spiritual power but feel fear about the unknown?

Do you want to feel mental clarity and confidence in your life?

Do you like realistic approaches to learning spiritual concepts?
Do you want to build internal power to be strong enough to stay grounded in your environment?

Pineal Gland Facts

Some factors that can also throw your pineal gland off are factors such as stress, diet, inactivity, and lack of sunshine.
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What People Say About the Workshop

Ynez P.

"Master Hongik’s Pineal Gland training was great. It allowed me to see my brain in a whole different way. My body physically felt stronger as we progressed each week. I was able to connect with my true self on a deeper level. My emotions were more under control, and I felt lighter after letting go of old baggage and my chakras felt more aligned. Spiritually I felt more connected with my body, brain, and inner beliefs."

Cindy P.

"Pineal Gland training has helped me smile and laugh more. It also helped me release some emotional baggage that I didn't realize I was holding onto. Experiencing golden light throughout my body was amazing and feeling my brain cleansed was reviving. I highly recommend everyone."

Bridget T.

"After the Pineal Gland training, I felt my level of clarity on so many things became a lot clearer. I was clearer about myself, my environment and even people. It appears I am better able to see situations and people more clearly than ever before. Spiritually I feel that I have reached a different plane of existence. Previously I was living day to day with certain tasks and objectives I needed to accomplish. I feel now that I value my existence more, than just tasks and objectives. I felt a sense of self."

Meet the Trainer

hongik cheong

Hongik Sunsanim
COO of Body & Brain, Gongsaeng Sunsa

"I trust the true power of the human brain and the ability of a person to reach their highest potential. I never give up on their soul with love and compassion."

Hongik currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Body & Brain and the Regional Manager of Body & Brain centers in New Mexico. She has over 26 years of experience in the practice and teaching of Brain Education and offers heartfelt guidance to people to awaken the power and true potential of their brains. She is also a certified HSP (Hyper Sensory Perception) trainer with KIBS (The Korea Institute of Brain Science). The name 'Hongik' which means 'widely beneficial to all humanity,' was bestowed on her by Ilchi Lee, the founder of Brain Education.

Pineal Gland Awakening

Do you feel...

    Restlessness at night?
   Mental heaviness?
   Chronic brain fog?
   Off balance?
   Lack of clarity for next steps?
   Stuck or blocked like something (or someone) is holding you back?

Awakening your pineal gland can help you...

    Become the true master of your brain
   Create your own destiny
   Find your direction
   Live with courage and confidence
   Free your intuition
   Connect with your insight & divine wisdom
    Activate the power of your mind
    Boost your manifestation ability

Program Price: $690

Sign up for GwangMyung Arrow together and get an extra $50 off!

Contact your local Body & Brain Center to register.

Program Price: $690

Sign up for GwangMyung Arrow together and get an extra $50 off!

Contact your local Body & Brain Center to register.

Learn More

FREE Webinar Introduction

Ask about a free webinar introduction to the Pineal Gland Awakening workshop with Hongik Sunsanim. Contact your local Body & Brain Center for more Zoom info.

Session 1
Thursday, February 23, 2023
5pm - 6:30pm (PT) / 8pm - 9:30pm (ET)


Session 2
Saturday, February 25, 2023
10:30am - 12pm (PT) / 1:30pm - 3pm (ET)